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    Find fun things to do in the Gorge, including boat tours, parks, and zip lining.
    Mark Dirks
    Rumbling Bald Resort
    Mark Eades
    Rumbling Bald Resort
    Marketing Director
    Board of Governors
    Lake Lure Olympiad
    Mark Helms
    Lake Lure Adventure Company
    Mary Jaeger-Gale
    Chimney Rock Management LLC
    Chairman of the Board
    Lee Armstrong Lumpkin
    Lake Lure Flowering Bridge
    Dale Minick
    Lake Lure Golf Management Inc dba Lake Lure Golf Club
    Howard Redmon
    Cedar Creek Riding Stables
    Ruth & John Shaw
    Cruise Planners
    Andrew Mize
    Canopy Ridge Farm
    George Wittmer
    Lake Lure Tours, Marina & Beach
    Amy Smith
    Esmeralda Inn & Restaurant
    Website/event manager
    Buddy Morrison
    Buddy Morrison Photography
    I am a Veteran Owned Small Business that provides the best quality that we stand behind 110%. My passion is to bring the beauty that surrounds us to your home for you to enjoy a lifetime. One of my biggest goals for my business is to ensure that i provide the best product and Services at an affordable rate for all. No one should have too lose any moment in their life without a wonderful treasure to hold dear. Hopefully, thru my lens, I can bring my love of nature and passion for life into your home. Starting with one photograph at a time.
    Front Desk Administrator
    The Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge
    Exec Asst.
    Joe & Mary Deyak
    Chris & Cathy McCrate
    Cecil Jones
    Green Acres Community Development
    Kimberly Morlen
    Real Earth Skincare
    I founded Real Earth Skincare several years ago after my husband and I went through some pretty scary health issues. I knew my products had to be different and completely natural. I went to work learning formulations and become certified in Natural Skincare Formulations. I knew it wasn't enough to just have great products that work, but I needed to stay within the mission of being an eco-friendly company. So I spent months developing and implementing our packaging and that's when Planet to Pouch was born. 
    Like many of us, you don't know where to start and it's my passion to educate anyone on the path to better health. Won't you join me on this journey of saving your skin and saving the planet? 
    Dan Bails
    Lake Lure Flowering Bridge
    Richard Spruill
    Spruill's Mountain-View Hideaway
    Amy Neal
    Sacred Living Wellness LLC
    Sacred Living Wellness LLC is an acupuncture wellness center specializing in women, children, and families. We offer a range of different services in order to fit the needs of our clients. While our main focus is Traditional Chinese Medicine tools and techniques, we do not limit ourselves to acupuncture only. We have a wide client base of different ages so we have optional services that do not include needles. We currently offer acupuncture, cold laser therapy, micro-current therapy, herbal therapy, yoga,  meditation, sound therapy, and a beautiful foot soak room where anyone can come in and relax with your choice of herbs, essential oils, and sea salt. We cater to all ages and are here to serve the Lake Lure/Chimney Rock community and surrounding areas. 
    Amy Conner-Murphy
    ACM Design architecture & interiors